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For more than 15 years now, MetPath has its most powerful, complete, and updated Review Notes synthesized from the best reference books available for medical laboratory science, worldwide. This exclusive MetPath Review Notes was written
in an easy logical approach of learning each subjects compared to the o
ften lengthy and confusing textbooks found in bookstores.

Student's Testimonials

" I graduated last 2012 in Cebu and it was just last year (2015) that I decided to take ASCP. But I was not anymore confident that I could pass the exam because it has been three years since I graduated. That was why I thought of enrolling in a review center. I did not want to go to Manila so I tried to google a review center in Davao and fortunately METPATH REVIEW CENTER popped out right away. Enrolling in Metpath was one of the best decisions that I have made in my life because it really helped me in refreshing my memory and remembering the things that I have learned during my college years. Mr. Howard Denila is such a great mentor. He is very patient and he keeps on encouraging his students to study hard. He even suggested to us to make a study calendar so that we could always keep track on our lessons and we could also review more on the subjects that we found difficult. His intensive review program and final coaching were of great help to me in making me pass and get a wonderful score in the actual ASCP exam. I will always be grateful to him." Marie Angeli Z. Villavelez, RMT, MLS-ASCP (APRIL 2016)

 It’s been a while since I took the ASCP MLS exam. I can’t even believe that I did really pass. Yes, passing was really out of reach and my fear almost drained me then. Yet, with my family, friends, mentor, and with fervent prayers, these sustained me all throughout my journey. To Metpath, my consistent review center partner since local board exam, and mentor, Sir Howard Denila, you have proven your competence and dedication to deliver quality service to your students and aspiring young professionals to step up and achieve higher goals in our profession. With this, I am sincerely thankful of you and your team. My best regards to all of you. Mary Diadem O. Mateo, BSPH, RMT, MLS-ASCP (OCTOBER 2015)

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Metpath Review Center. Thank You so much Sir Howard Denila for imparting your knowledge on us and for constantly reminding us to study and pray harder. Our success is your success as well. Continue to inspire and uplift more people along the way. God Bless and More Power. To God be the Glory. Rudelyn Sabac Prudente, RMT - MMFC (SEPTEMBER 2015)

I just want to express my gratitude to you and MetPath. Without your guidance, I could not have achieved these things. I still can’t believe I passed two board exams in one year. I’m very thankful to you sir for consistently and patiently coaching me with your utmost effort. GOD is so Good. ASCP was by far the most difficult exam that I took. But with learning how to answer questions through the review, I was able to make it. Of course, instilled basic knowledge is important. Thank you MetPath!   
Nikita Marie G. Jamiana, RMT, MLS-ASCP (AUGUST 2015)


I can remember vividly the first question in my exams it was about Antibody Panels , and if I did not prepared my self through the lessons and guidance of Metpath perhaps that first item could have ended drastically, with Metpath you are introduced and refreshed about the concepts of Medical Laboratory Science which is the key in passing the exams. It all goes down to 3 points Faith (GOD), Discipline (Self), and Guidance (Metpath). Isiah Simon Solizar, RMT, MLS-ASCP (AUGUST 2015)


First of all i  wanna thank the Lord for making great things possible. ☺To God be the Glory as you always say. Thank you Metpath Review Center especially to you Sir Denila for constantly reminding me to read my review materials and for pushing me to attend final coaching. For being so patient despite my busy schedule.☺ You are such a dedicated MT/MLS instructor Sir Denila. Exam was not easy at all. Thank you for telling me even the last minute to read and analyze the questions well. Once again To God be the Glory and Thank you Metpath Review Center! I'm 1 step closer to my Dream!☺☺☺ Aimee Go Bonguyan, RMT, IMT-ASCP (AUGUST 2015)


MLS(ASCP) = MRC + (S + P)2
MRC = MetPath Review Center
OSM = Organized Study Materials
DKI = Dedicated and Knowledgeable Instructors
S = Study
P = Prayer
Heba C. Ibrahim, RMT, MLS(ASCP) - Doha, Qatar (AUGUST 2015)


"Metpath Review is a well oriented , updated and detailed company. . if you are searching for a good and a brighter future, I recommend this for you. .you will never regret. .Make your dreams come true. .Cheers for this company especially the mentors!"  - Karina Bobila, Saudi Arabia (JUNE 2015)

Hi sir! Just received the confirmation email that i passed the ascp! Hahaha. Just want to say thank you for making my certification a realistic possibility. Before i ever heard of it, ascpi certification sounded like just a dream. But now i can’t believe im certified. Hahaha. Thank you for making my application so simple, and thank you for the extensive review. There were really a lot of topics in the exam that i could have never solved without your reminders, from rosette to blood panels to dilutions. But what i got the most from your review is your encouragement that really released the stress and prepared myself for the ascp exam. If i didn't have a sound mind during the exam, a few more mistakes and i would never have made it. For all those taking the exam under metpath review, id like to tell them that they are in very good hands. Thank you again sir!
- Paul Louie Dubouzet, RMT, MT(ASCP), SPC, Davao (JAN 2015)

“ I took the exam last August 28, 2014 and passed the ASCP exam.  Metpath  Review Center is really good value for money. The scope of the review is comprehensive and in-depth, and delivered by high calibre reviewer in a truly supportive learning environment. It was all worth it".         – Ma. Clarita N.Corre- Yonson, RMT, MT (ASCP) - IMCC, Iligan (AUG 2014)  
It's difficult reviewing alone, especially if you have other things to worry about like work and sleep deprivation. It was hard balancing the time and energy just to convince myself to study. I was hopeless, until one day a friend/mentor of mine referred me to an amazing review center. So without a doubt I checked it out and signed up right away. Well, of all people, I'm not the type of person that's fond of reading. I need to listen to a lecture of sorts to sink the info quickly. The review lessons came in handy because it was exactly what I needed. The fact that I passed, says it all. I mean the review center was great! there were friendly folks, understanding people and I got to admit, a persistent and determined teacher. They had a neatly outlined lesson plan and it was easy for me to catch up when I missed up on a particular chapter. They also provide detailed notes to compensate if you missed anything. To top off this wonderful experience, the last phase of the review or phase II, kept all my worries at bay. I highly recommend MetPath review center especially for those that are far away. They have a versatile and fixed schedule for the weekends so you can't miss any lessons at all. Overall, MetPath is great, no, not great, but an EXCELLENT review center that you could count on. They take good care of you and they won't ever let you down. Thank you MetPath, you guys are the best! and thanks to you especially Sir Denila, you are absolutely awesome!
Kenneth Kierulf - Nevada, USA (July 2014)
It was in the middle of 2013 when I decided to take ASCP exam and been in search for a review center until I found METPATH which is just located in a safe city of Davao. I could say that this review center really helped me a lot to achieve my ASCP certification just recently. The professors are really great, the notes that have been provided were really helpful. My knowledge and understanding of the subjects are enriched with Sir Howard's simplified lectures and final coaching. I really recommend this review center to everyone who aspires to have their ASCP certification, they also assist you in the processing of your application and exam schedule.Thanks again Sir!  God bless you more METPATH! Janice C. Caling of San Pedro College, Davao City (March 2014)
Hmmmm what can I say? Well I made it.. yeyyyyy me!!!!
Sir thank u for the help!
The final coaching helped me a lot. Really helped. It gave me that boost that I need, I was not worried at all. I am the kind of person that gets blank when I'm stressed and nervous. Also I don't like long quizzes/tests, 50 questions--expect it I won't be reading the questions beyond that. Through the final coaching I was able to practice answering questions beyond 50 without gettin' worn out. It was painful at first but eventually I was coping. I don't like to read but I did finish reading the notes that was provided. I just needed a little kick from Sir Denila but heyyyy I did it.
The notes provided and final coaching from this review center is all you need to pass the ASCPi.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! For those who happen to browse in this website and need more details about it, feel free to contact me and I will give you guys an honest personal experience. Sir thank u ulit!!!!! Reymalene P. Coyoca, UP, PHL (MAY 2013)
It took me a lot of years, about 12 long years to be exact after graduating BS Medical Technology to build up enough courage and finally decided to take ASCP-BOC. I looked for a review center and much to my luck, I came across METPATH. I knew that I am making the right choice to enroll here it’s because I was once Sir Howard Denila’s student and I know my review will be in good hands. I didn’t waste any time and started the review. The classes and lectures were a sort of a refresher course for me. It seems like I started from the beginning and familiarizing everything from the very start. I passed the ASCP exam on my first attempt last March 21, 2013. I knew together with my faith, I have to thank MetPath for all the help. The review materials provided were complete and concise. The lectures were well covered and delivered in a manner that was very easy to understand and remembered. The Final Coaching Series were truly and extremely useful. It didn’t just point out my weak subjects but it made me prepare more for the questions that would most likely come up during the test. I have been the eldest among all of my review batch mates and I am proud and happy that most of us successfully passed our respective exams. Sir Denila’s constant encouragement and motivation kept our confidence to the level where we feel relaxed while taking the exam. The review was a one of a kind experience for me. I made new friends/colleagues that will now always be a part of my success. For the past months, I have been with MetPath almost every day and that attending Sir Denila’s lectures would be something that I will surely miss. Once again, Thank you very much MetPath and more power! Maricel Ivy Pono-Woods of San Pedro College, DVO, PHL (March 2013)

Sir, it's been a long time you havent heard from me since. I dont know how I can tell you. For all the lectures and notes you sent me, for all the online review lectures you shared me, I really thank you ! Of course, I thank our good Lord above all for the blessing and enlightenment He gave me! I applied for MLT by AMT and was able to make it last Feb. 11, 2013 here in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I pass the test! Now, I am a certified MLT by AMT. Now, I am preparing to take my ASCP and I will continue my self review. I hope I can make it too. Whatever it takes, I will always inform you . With the help and blessings I just received, I thanked Metpath Review Center! with my best regards, Karina M. Bobila, Riyadh, KSA 
I was looking for a review center way back year 2012. Then fortunately i saw metpath online. At first in doubt talaga ko, one reason eh now lang ako magaral via online, beside the fact that i'm too far from philippines to check if true nga talaga to or not. Then i called sir howard, we talked, he xplained how the class will work, for how long, how much the fee and so on. Finally i decided, ok i will try..... The class went well even though i need to wake up as early as 4am-12noon everyday Riyadh time, then need to go to for work by 3pm again until 11pm... Then 4am again the following day.. Kala ko di ko kakayanin taking class and doing my duty but because very supportive ang teacher namin nakaya ko.. Nagulat na lang ako tapos na pala class proper ko.. Then the final coaching... The 2nd phase of the coaching... Sir howard keep on reminding us, we should study hard.. Make a time sched, wala munang fb.. Hehehehe.. But you know with all of those hardship... Pasensya(patience)... Pagpupuyat.. Nagbunga lahat yun..just yesterday Jan 28'2013.. I passed the exam, not one but 2 exam (IMT-ASCP and MLTechnologist-HAAD). This is all because of God, my family and metpath.... Sir howard i don't know how to thank u... But thank you so much... Salamat po talaga, definitely irecommend ko po kayo talaga sa mga friends ko na gustong magtake ng mga exam nila.. Until here sir howard.. Maraming maraming salamat po ulit. God bless..- Amelita "Amy" De Guzman-Belarde, Riyadh KSA (Jan. 2013)
I passed the ASCP-MLS exam and HAAD MLT Exam a week ago ..and i want to thank MetPath Review Center for all the inputs Sir Howard was all useful! I already told my medtech friends that if they plan to take ASCP or HAAD Exam, they should enroll at Metpath for their review class.. they wont regret it! Diosy Mae D. Gabrinez, KSA (Jan. 2013)
First of all, I just wanna thank you for every patience and dedication that you have shown in each of your students. I will not be able to do it on my own, thanks to Metpath. I am so grateful I have found the Center. The final coaching was so helpful that some of the questions I have encountered during the exams. Once again Thank you Sir Howard I will definitely recommend Metpath to my circle of friends and aquaintances. Merry Chrismas and a prosperous NewYear!!! Mayette M. Ramirez, UAE (Dec. 2012)
Hi sir howard, i just want to send you an email to formally say Thank you sa lahat lahat po, nang pag titiyaga nyo. I was so blessed because I've known metpath from a good friend of mine, and she was right for all what she commented about you and metpath...knowing that its been years for me since the last time i opened my books, and took the local board exam., but never been hard for me to understand each of your lectures because you had your special approach and way of teaching. Thank you also for your encouragements, and for your faith that i could make it, and that helped me get back my self confidence again... I will pray to God Almighty that He may continue to guide you, give you more wisdom and continue to bless metpath because you're helping people like me by sharing your knowledge and making their dreams come true. "MABUHAY METPATH" Charito B. Fabre, Manila (Nov. 2012)
"For me it was a huge dream comes true. First when i thought to take the ASCP certification, I tried to self study, and since i graduated many years ago i found difficult to review all the subjects myself.  So i searched the internet for a review center that helps me through it (putting in mind my very busy duty schedule). Then i found metpath offering the course that fits my requirements through their online Program. Things i loved about  metpath, that the easy way of registration, payment and most importantly the flexible class schedules, Not to mention the lecturer's patience on my humbled questions of all the time. I am so grateful to God that answered my prayers and of course to you metpath. For years to come I’ll always remember you and recommend metpath to my friends who would like to take such higher certifications. I hope one day i get to visit you in the Philippines. Mohammed Abneuf, Saudi Arabia. (Sept. 2012)."
Hi Howard, sorry that i did not communicate to you for several months coz i was busy... Anyway i just took the AMT exam yesterday and i passed... The review was so helpful especially your review notes... What i did was just mastered it and a lot of Q&A..... Thank you so much... And God bless....Rey Rebosura Pore, FL, USA (July 2012)
Metpath will always be a part of who I am right now. It helped me, a lot, to embold a character of confidence yet never forgets to TRUST in the LORD always.. also, it instilled in me a prayerful attitude that never gives place to laxity.. I am so thankful to Metpath for helping and encouraging us to really pass and do good in the board exam! thanx sir Howard Denila! Metpath is like a family to me.. CPU medtech batch 2011 reviewees of metpath extends our gratitude.. Godspeed! Jezer Nerj Berden of Central Philippine University (CPU) - cum laude, Iloilo (March 2012)
After I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology and a minor in Chemistry in 2008 in the United States, my next step was to pass my ASCP and move forward with life. So many things happened during the past 4 years,……, including getting married, had a boy and had a major accident in May 2011 that almost cost my life. But that did not change my idea to still take the review classes online with Metpath. I have been searching a long time for a Med Tech review class in the US; it is either they don’t have any or I did not find them. I came across Metpath online and did a lot of reviews about it thinking it was a scam. But after a few weeks and talking to my husband about it; I decided to email them. I was delighted to find out that they are real but THEY ARE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD. My question was: how am I going to take these classes when our time is different. When it is 8 am in Davao it is 9 pm in New Jersey. I went on my knees and pray to God to help me through it since I am a married woman with a kid, a full time job and now I will have to spend sleepless nights for classes. But, God listens when we pray with faith. Sir Howard was nice and easy to understand throughout the whole time. He answered all the questions and doubts that I had. He made me feel comfortable and automatically they became my other family on the other side of the planet. I was afraid that the classes would not be in English but THEY WERE and that help tremendously. I was terrified when the day for the test was coming too fast, could not eat for more than two weeks and Sir Howard, my mom and my husband told me that they believe in me and that little push from them along with my faith made me PASS the ASCP. The minute that I saw PASS on the computer, tears ran down my cheeks. God saved me and told me once more that prayer opens closed doors. But God did it through the great teachers of MetPath. Without them, 4 years after my graduation I would not have my ASCP… (Tears ). Now, I have wings and it’s because of them through God. Thank you so much and I will always talk about you and refer people to you. May my entire family there in Davao, Philippines be blessed from generation to generation. Sagine L. Massante, Chem(ASCP), NJ, USA (March 2012) 
A month ago, I was browsing the net to search for review schools for medical technologists especially the ASCPi exam. Then I saw my former review center who happens to be a well known review center here in Manila. I reviewed with them almost three years ago. At that time, I felt that I was given a lot of information and got more confused and nervous. It is not that I do not know or understand the subjects. I think they made it more complicated.
This November, I decided to take the ASCPi exams because I heard that if you take it next year, we will need to take CMP programs annually which is similar to CPE here in the Philippines. That's the time I checked for a review school with programs catering only to the subject/s I feel that I need to reinforce with.
I called up my former review center because they said that they will give a free review until ten years (something like that, until we passed) that is why I kept my ID with them. But upon my query they said that, "you need to enroll the whole nine yards!" I said, "what?!". Well, they have changed policies already...I was told. I said, "Okay, how about enrolling for only 2 subjects, since I was a former reviewee?". Well, again they said that even so, I have to pay the fee for the whole review regardless of loyalty (in reference that I was a ex-reviewee)? They said I have to pay for the whole course! I have no time to attend classes because I will take that exams by December! Sigh!
As, I continue to search for other review centers, I was fortunate to come across MetPath. I only searched for the Top Review schools and inquired with all of them. There has to be a center that can accommodate my time since I am a working professional on another field. I did both, work and review at the same time. I called up Mr. Howard Denilla. I can't believe that he agrees with my conditions! I mean hey, I only reviewed for the Final Coaching with them and won't need to enroll for the whole course!
Although, I was gifted with a BOC 5th edition by my family friend early this year, I never really opened it until November. Still, he agreed.
He only advised me to focus on the BOC book and if ever I have questions, we will do it during our final coaching sessions via the internet! That was a relief! Imagine I don't have to go out and spend time in traffic just to attend class!
It was dubious at first because I have never heard of a review class online! That's why I stalled on enrolling. However, I felt Sir Howard's sincerity, so I finally did.
As we go along the course, there are times that I was not able to be online because of work! However, even if I didn't make it with them. I worked double time in reviewing if I have free time! I reviewed for less than a month! Unless, I am summoned for work, I asked my boss to work at home. Nevertheless, my schedule does not compliment with Sir Howard's! But still, I reinforced and read more! I studied from 6am until 10pm, of course I had breaks and went to the office at least twice a week.
Last Monday was my Final Coaching Exams, we both agreed that if ever I failed. I still have time to re-schedule (since it was a 24 hour requirement with Pearson VUE on re-sched for the same exam) for next year. Honestly, I didn't really do well with the 200 questions that he gave me! My mistake mostly was with having doubts on my first answer. Also, I answered some of them clumsily, I didn't think hard on the questions (2hours for 200 questions? I think I drifted to sleep on some of them). He said that, it was a common mistake of everyone. He assured me that I will make it and pass. After that, I studied triple time and prayed hard! 
During the exams, I focused on the questions and took my time. Alas, I made it! Humility aside, I felt that the test was easy. Hahahaha! Kudos to Metpath! I don't do testimonials but this one is for you po!
Thank you very much Metpath! More Power! Aricel Saludo of University of Sto. Tomas (UST), Manila (Dec. 2011)

After deciding to leave my job abroad, I headed to Davao right away to enroll @ METPATH review center. For me it has been a wonderful experience meeting new friends and at the same time tapping my knowledge learned from college since it has been awhile. Though the basics are still within me but I could not afford to lose the chance of passing ASCP. With Sir Denila's dedication and encouragement, love and support from my family and exceptional friends, learning was made easy. The strategy of reading 12 hours non-class days and 4 hours during class days indeed was helpful. Although I did not strictly follow but I always see to it that I had read and clearly understood my review materials even for just 3 hours a day including practice test. And above all, trusting my understanding to God after all a 100% passing equates from Divine intervention of 90% and human effort of 10%. And YES I passed ASCP last November 9, 2011. Aimee B. Bunac of Siliman University (SU), Dumaguete (Nov. 2011)

I think I’m dreaming! I passed the AMT last May 2010 and I passed ASCP just this August 2011, all because of MetPath. It has been a sooooo long since I finished my Medical Technology course (Please don’t ask how long). I need someone to teach me the topic all over again. Luckily, when I was surfing the web, I came across MetPath and I immediately called Sir Howard and discussed with him my situation. He was very accommodating and very supportive. I passed the AMT with one take but unfortunately, I have to take the ASCP twice. MetPath helped me a lot. Attending the online class was something new to me but it’s so effective especially for people who live so far away from Davao . All the topics that Sir Howard discussed and the how to tackle problems being encountered in the exam was very useful. I thought after all these years, I cannot use my Med Tech course. Thanks to MetPath, it has given me new hope for a new beginning. Thank you very much Sir, I am so grateful. God bless you. Abegael Nabby C. Villarama, Manila (August 2011)

Today I passed the ASCP Examination on my first attempt, and will definitely be recommending you to my friends who will be taking the same process. I cannot thank you enough Sir Denila for your assistance, dedication and professionalism during my review. It is so refreshing to receive a prompt, honest and hands-on professional service particularly the final coaching series. Truly, It was a life-changing and fantastic experience to be part of Metpath Family. The study materials was covered very well and it was so easy to remember the principles, concepts and distinctions of and between the course areas required for the certification test. Thanks a lot once more for giving me an assurance and opportunity to journey with you while studying with lovely Giardia Team members - as all of you are part of my achievement indeed. I do wish you every success at METPATH Review Center as you deserve it. God Bless you ! Best regards, Saturnino David Josol Jr., London, United Kingdom

Hello everyone when I first thought about taking ASCP I thought about coming home to go to review center for a refresher course since its been awhile that I got out of school. I tried to review by myself but I just didnt know where to focus fortunately I spend a lot of time online that I found Metpath, I emailed sir Denilla before I knew it I was already reviewing online at the comfort of my own home. It was the best review that I ever got, he will make sure that you understand the concept and not just to memorize questions, so no matter how they worded the questions you will be able to answer them correctly. No one in my workplace know that I was taking the test till I came back and they asked me how it was and I said Not Bad At all and they said that I was the only one that said ASCP is easy. Well that's what Metpath can do to you. Thank you sir. Cathy Villamor of PA, USA

Dear Sir, It was a blessing that I found Metpath through the internet while searching
for a review center. Thank you very much for your patience in teaching us everything especially for answering my many queries during your lectures. Really appreciate you devoting time to provide us final coaching and discussion 1 week before the exam on top of the regular classes. Although exam preparation involved long hours of studying and months of lectures, I enjoyed my review because of the classmates I had and the new friends I have made. Marilou L. Aquino of Velez College, Cebu
Hi Sir, Salamat kaayo sir for your support and words of encouragement sir ha. If you're not there for us during our review, mahirapan talaga kami makapasa sir kung wala ka.. sorry mao rani akong mahinumduman na mga questions sir. Thank you. Stephen Baquial of SPC, DVO

Good day sir, thanks for all the knowledge that you have shared, I made it! I hope na marami ka pang matulungan na katulad ko. Sabi ng iba na maganda mag review sa Luzon kasi updated ang mga topics ng review, pero isa lang ang masasabi ko na diyan sila nagkamali. I'm almost 10 years graduate from BSMT at nang sinubukan ko ang Metpath Review Renter sa Davao, ang masasabi ko lang ay hindi na kina kailangang pumunta pa ng malayo para lang makapag review in preparation for the board exam, nandito na lahat ang kakailangan mo para pumasa at totoong updated. Maraming salamat sa aming mabait na instructor na si sir howard denila. Noel Orejudos of MC
Hi everyone! I would like to thank you for sharing helpful tips for the ASCPi exam. I took the test last Sept 28 and Praise the Lord I passed! Tips? Study hard, read a lot, analyse, correlate and understand. I did self review for the first 2 months but it really didn't work for me. I'm an SLU MT 96 grad and it's been awhile since i did my last exam (AMT 2006) so I decided to enroll in a review center but to no avail all the review centers' schedule won't work for me neither. All of them hold review classes during weekends. I thank God I found an ONLINE LIVE (REAL TIME) Review, METPATH REVIEW CENTER based in DAVAO CITY, Philippines! When I heard testimony about it, I decided to enroll. Metpath really helped me in refreshing my stocked knowledge! The Instructor is very patient in teaching and explaining. He entertains questions and always check on me for understanding. After 5 weeks review, we had a final coaching on my last week and that helped me a lot. I did it so I know YOU can all do it too! Study & Pray... Do your best and trust God to honor your efforts & prayers. He is faithful! God bless everyone! Mary Jane Ecal of CA, USA.
Sir, salamat po sa gave us a one big step to reach our success! forever po kaming thankful na tinulungan nyo po kami. and if ever na may nakasalubong ako...personally, i will recommend metpath! salamat po sa efforts nyo sa amin.. maramng salamat po sa lectures. kasi yung mga di po namin naiintindihan nung 3rd year kami... napadali nyo po para sa amin which became our advantage po sa board exam! thanks for everything po sir =). Luis Tapucar of UP, PHL 
Hello sir, I kept reminiscing my review days in Davao and can't help but smile coz I had fun while reviewing and made more syempre passing the ASCP exam! your review materials really helped me a lot..brief and concise and so easy to understand and with your lectures I can definitely say na makapasa talaga ang lahat na nag review kung mag focus din sila. Basta all I can say is thank you sir! Rosette S. of NJ, USA 
Hello sir! I passed the ASCPi exam last May 28, 2010. thank you so much for the review. I'll recommend MetPath Review Center to my friends. Goodluck to all!  Regards to my metpath family!  Have a nice day! Rosette Suaybaguio of NJ, USA
A thankful day sir. Thank you for evrything sir, Im so glad that I am able to pass the ASCP exam. My travel is super sulit, from riyadh to india, india to manila, then manila to davao just to take review in metpath, its worth it! And its because of your super effort na mga notes and lectures! May God bless you always! Narcisa Cajegas of India

Sir Denila good pm! Thank you talaga sa review center mo sir na nasa Davao lang. Nakatulong talaga ang review ko dyan sa inyo para makapasa ako sa ASCPi exam. Sa notes mo lang talaga ako nagconcentrate nag basa and of course the final coaching helped me a lot also. The exam was so hard pero lahat ng lumabas na discussed mo in our lectures. God Bless and more power sa MetPath Review Center! Malla Santiago of SPC, DVO

Alhamdulillah! i made it!!! thank u so much sir. daming lumabas na nasa notes lang and tama jud sabi mo na familiarize lang then wag magsalig sa questionnaires... the best talaga ang metpath! i feel so blessed.. miss my metpath family! =) Najwa Hassan of SWU, CEBU
hi sir, kamusta na kayo dyan? miss ko na MetPath family ko, Congrats sir, may mga bagong MLS(ASCP)s naman at RMTs dahil sa walang pagod nyong paglelecture. Praise God! By the way, ang saya naman outing nyo sir, sayang di kami nakasama, di bale next time kami naman. Thanks for everything sir, just keep in touch, Godbless! Narscisa C. of RTRMF, India

Sir Denila good morning, I just passed the MT(ASCP) exam. Thank you for everything, nasa notes mo lang lumabas lahat na questions, then Turgeon for Microbiology. I'm a record breaker in MetPath for just 5 weeks review. Basta sir, salamat, salamat talaga sa lahat! Please send my regards to all my classmates. Hope to visit Davao for my blow-out. The best talaga ang MetPath! Thank you Lord! Lloyd Pontines of MU

Hello sir Denila good morning, I want to thank you for everything, most of the questions in the board exam were found during our final coaching and preboard exams. thank you so much! Marvin Sanchez of MC.

Thanks po sir, pasensya na po sa disturbo kagabi sir ha, overflow lang po ang pasalamat ko sa iyo. To God be the glory po talaga sir. Thank you po talaga sir sa pag-guide at sa mga notes mo. Good morning po. Wendy Tanon of NDMU

Sir pumasa po ako . . glory to God. Thanks a lot sir. God bless you! Deve of BDC, Butuan

Lumabas na po ang exam result, pumasa po ako, thanks po sir. Pagpunta ko sa Davao daan po ako dyan sa center. Albarah Meditar of DPOC

Yes sir, halos lahat ng mga questions I encountered during my ASCP exam are found in your review notes. Sir thank you so much for being my mentor, Praise God I pass! Samuel Galorport of CPU

At last I passed because of MetPath, that's true talaga sir. I will tell my friends about MetPath. Thank you talaga sir. Grace Lopez of SPC

I kept it a secret to surprise you when I'm back in Davao that I passed the ASCP. Salamat kaayo sir. Richell Munez of SPC 







Shulamitte Faith Faburada, MLS(ASCP)
Janine Anne Juyo, MLS(ASCP)
Margarette Denila, MLS(ASCP)
Reymond Lim, MLS(ASCP)
Johanna Maree Crave, MLS(ASCP)
Eanne Jairah Reyes, MLS(ASCP)
Stella Ramirez, MLS(ASCP)
Lee Marco Mutia, MLS(ASCP)
Mary Clare Cesar, MLS(ASCP)
Mariam Louise Nisal, MLS(ASCP)

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CM Recto cor Bonifacio Street,
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